July 15, 2024


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Where Is Your Bakugan Costume?

Where Is Your Bakugan Costume?

It’s time to get our Bakugan costumes now that Halloween is just around the corner! This special occasion may just happen once a year but it is the one time where we get to dress up into someone or something else and have fun with abandon! It’s also the perfect time to dress up as your favorite Bakugan character and be one of the brawlers that you’ve always admired.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers is an animated TV series that became very popular among kids and adults, not just because of how cool it would be if we got our own Bakugan but also because of the cool Bakugan products! There are many among us who has got their own Bakugan collections and favorites. And as the Bakugan series continues, more and more kids get hooked into the Bakugan brawling mania.

The Bakugan series is currently in its third season, and we now have more Bakugan products to buy and collect. New product lines and accessories were created: the battle gears, mobile assault, and the amazing Dharak Colossus and Dragonoid Colossus! There are also new accessories to get like the Gundalian Invaders Bakutins and Bakumeter, and of course, the Bakugan costumes.

The Bakugan costumes are based on the first season of the Bakugan series. There are costumes out now for the coming Halloween: Dan’s costume, Shun’s costume, and the Drago costume.

Dan’s costume consists of his outfit in the first season of the television series, complete with the fingerless black gloves. The whole outfit includes a red short-sleeved jacker, a yellow undershirt, and red and black long pants. There’s also a black buckled belt included in the outfit, which you can use to carry your Bakugan cards. Shun’s costume is also from the first season, featuring a brown and gray jumpsuit with a purple jacket. There is also a pair of black fingerless gloves with a wrist band and a fabric watch. The Dragonoid Costume is a red and gold jumpsuit with three dimensional foam shoulder armor and detachable wings. It also comes with a very detailed character mask to complete the Dragonoid image. Dragonoid is the main character in the series, and the only Bakugan that was transformed into a costume for kids everywhere!

Just complete the costume with a pair of black boots or any pair of shoes that closely resembles the characters’ and then you’re all set to go. If you want to carry around Bakugan balls to really feel and be a brawler, then do so with all enthusiasm! You can use the Bakugan carrying case that is available on stores selling Bakugan to carry around your Bakugan balls. If you just want to carry one or two Bakugan balls, then you can always just put them in the pockets of your outfit.

Of course, if you are handy with sewing and crafts and you want a costume of another Bakugan character then you can always make your own outfit. You not only get to show you like Bakugan, you also get to use your talent in creating costumes. One thing is for sure. The Bakugan costumes will be a hit this coming Halloween!