Review unit provided by Huawei Singapore The Huawei MateBook D 16 is an entry level laptop released in mid 2022 targeted at office workers, students and anyone looking for a reasonably priced laptop with a large display. In Singapore, the retail price is SGD 1298 (~USD 990) for the model […]

Yesterday I reviewed the Winners Exhibition at the Mall Galleries. In this post I’m going to comment on the artwork which stood out for me.  Artwork worth a mention I’ve grouped images of artwork I liked according to broad subject matter / genre. Portraits/figures I’d be entirely unsurprised if I […]

About Daniel Paul Daniel Paul was born in 1984 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. A graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague in 2012, his utmost inspiration is shape, weight, luminosity, structure, reflection, and smell. Daniel is an artist aiming to discover the potential of all the elements […]

Image dimensions for Bucket Hats are 2040 x 1140 px @300 DPIImage type = pngAspect ratio = landscape Take the time to make sure your products are well designed and formatted so your customers will love their Bucket Hats. Well designed products are more likely to be featured and perform […]

Today I’m commenting on the prices of artworks sold during the first 2-3 days of the “Winners | Award Winning Artists 2020-2022″ Exhibition at the Mall Galleries. (Note: I’m going to be writing a long post about pricing in the context of the current economic climate in the near future.) This […]

Tim Rawlinson glass art exploits the refractive and reflective qualities of glass. Tim is fascinated by these qualities and exploits transparency in his glass art. His incredible designs feature cut and polished sculptural pieces that focus on the interaction between light and glass.  Dazzling optical effects are created by distorting […]