July 15, 2024


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Stimulating Your Creativity So As to Live in Peace

Stimulating Your Creativity So As to Live in Peace

Resting one’s mind is not so easy nowadays with so many issues arising in the news. There’s much that we can do to help others; yet, the world sometimes seems out of control. Perhaps we all should do that which is within our reach so as to make this world a better place. However, an additional dose of creativity will soothe the mind while illuminating the thoughts of others. Creative endeavors, ranging from crafts to music to drawing, help the artist relax. If one thinks outside of the box and aspires to create, she will also spark interest in those around her.

When a creator feels she must invent a new object or write a new book, it gives her a motive to wake up each morning. She works very hard to achieve that goal rather than to give up on life in passive acceptance of the mundane activities of the majority. Art, music, writing, as well as other creations give people good reasons to live. Such creations stimulate conversation between people of various backgrounds as art provides a common meeting place that transcends nations and continents.

If you don’t have any idea about how to utilize your creativity, you might brainstorm so as to make a list of all of your interests. You might pursue woodcraft, calligraphy, or collage. You might prefer reading poetry aloud or acting in a theatrical group. Whatever you do, make certain that you apply the technique of assemblage (linking things and events together in new and unique ways). Although we think of assemblage as being the art of connecting objects that have been collected, I would like to propose the use of an assemblage of the imagination. By looking for connections between all that happens in our lives, we can assemble the events together in a manner that reveals the importance of birth from the spontaneity of randomness. Ultimately, others will find interconnected meaning in their cut-and-paste efforts to understand the workings of the inner mind.Such creative connections should stimulate better communication and worldwide peace.