May 23, 2024


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Reliable Tips for Choosing Unique Prewedding Photo Concepts

Tips For The Best Pre-wedding Photoshoot!

Starting from a sacred promise between a man and a woman that can unite two strangers into one family, this is marriage. Getting married is a happy moment awaited by all couples in the world, remembering that a new life will begin as a new family to achieve the goodness that lies in front of it. Marriage occurs once in a lifetime, therefore the preparation is no joke.

Nowadays it is common for couples to do pre-wedding photos, or photos before the wedding takes place. The photo session is usually used to fill in invitations, decorations or moments that will be summarized in the wedding event later. There are many preparations made to do this pre-wedding photo, there will be a concept that is usually determined in advance. Some of the concepts are determined to match the characters of the two partners, or their history of meeting, or new, more unique things.

So below are some reliable tips in choosing the following unique prewedding photo concepts,

  1. Fairytale

This concept is also guaranteed to be very funny and unique. You can take the concept of fairy tales that you often heard when you were a child. For example Cinderella or the Little Red Riding Hood. You and your partner can share the roles of the characters in the fairy tale to choose costumes as well as shooting poses. Deepen your role so that your pre-wedding photos look unique and pleasing to the eye.

  1. Home Sweet Home

Who says pre-wedding photos always have to rent an expensive location to create a beautiful view and atmosphere? You can still look romantic and harmonious even though your pre-wedding photos are located in the house that will be shared with your partner. Instead, you can explore your house to be used as pre-wedding photos such as being photographed while cooking together in the kitchen, watching television together on the sofa, or you can relax while playing with your beloved pet. It’s guaranteed that your pre-wedding photos will look simple but still romantic and unique.

  1. Lake

It doesn’t have to be beaches and mountains, you can choose the location of the lake. The lake can provide a cozy and romantic atmosphere, because of the calm atmosphere that can be seen from the lake water, and also the trees around the lake. Concepts such as posing on a boat in the middle of a lake or posing with some beautiful swans that are usually around the lake to add to the aesthetics of your photos. Call the expert here Wedding photographer Lake Como.

  1. The Journey of Life

This theme is quite unique and you can try it too. You can choose the first photo you take with your partner whether it’s the first time you met or your first date. Do the same mainstay pose with your partner during the pre-wedding photo, then you can pose and dress up as if you are old with the help of make-up and pose with the same pose. This is at the same time a prayer that you and your partner will stay together, both from then, now, and when you get older.

  1. The Powerful Couple

You can also choose your ideal partner to serve as an example. Choose a phenomenal partner in the world or in Indonesia whose photo poses are very historic. For example, you can imitate the couple Rama and Shinta in the Puppet story, Cleopatra and Mark Antony, or you can use the concepts of Romeo and Juliet. For this concept, you need to focus more on the likeness of the costumes as well as the make up.