May 22, 2024


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Gangster Fancy Dress Costume Suggestions and Ideas

Most people think Gangster Fancy Dress and see only the adult male costume; the gangster movie is always for the most part about the nasty dark brooding male. Which we all know is very popular but far from the only choice.

Quite surprisingly there are great number Gangster Fancy Dress outfits for girls as well and of course for the children. Most kids have seen the Bugsy Malone gangster film, made for and starring children, and love dressing up in this way. Indeed there have been a lot of children’s Halloween parties taking this as the theme, anyone who has seen the film will also know this is a very messy option.

Of course if you are organising a themed party night and you are thinking gangster the women can of course dress as “flapper girls” or can can girls all associated with the image of the gangster era. An era mostly seen of as the 1920s there is even a lot of very cool music to dance too as is always seen in these types of movies.

Modern days gangsters such as Scarface’s Tony Montana and the Corleone family from the Godfather Film are mostly in suits and I guess the addition of a hat and a machine gun would make it clear but the outfits from the 20s are more iconic, besides tony Montana white suit might not be so cool in our climate and certainly difficult to keep clean.

The Gangster Fancy Dress look is all about the pin striped suit, or tight pin striped skirt for the ladies and of course the patent leather shoes, shining black. A big tie and a bigger gun can set the image off. Some of us will have the pin stripe in the wardrobe and may just need to accessorize to get the look.

Two of the most famous gangsters were a couple and this makes for a great couples outfit, Bonnie and Clyde, Bonnie is usually seen wearing a wool dress and a scarf whilst Clyde is in the usual pin stripe suit and Gangster hat.

A really worthwhile investment would be in the hat, a Gangster Hat is un-mistakeable and whilst your pinstripe suit of today maybe the one you were to the office the Gangster Hat will finish it off and make it look like an authentic outfit. A big fake Cuban cigar might also help but the hat is a most for boy’s girl’s children and adult alike.

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