Classical Close to City at the Leimert Park Juneteenth Celebration scemcem Tue, 06/14/2022 – 13:58 Love a dynamic concert showcasing a string quartet of primary BIPOC musicians doing family members-helpful tunes. This is a enjoyment, casual, and personal presentation geared toward families and those people who delight in and want […]

On a trip with her students to St. Helena Island, South Carolina, Christmas was motivated by the resilience of the Gullah people, African American descendants of people liberated from slavery who have managed to retain a exclusive creole culture and restricted-knit enclave through a extended heritage of residence ownership and […]

Ali Barker is a contemporary summary artist based in Liverpool.  She was the winner of Merseytravel’s ‘Art on the Network’ competitors in 2011, with two of her skyline murals of Liverpool and Wirral forever mounted on the panelling at either conclude of the Queensway (Birkenhead) Tunnel.  She held her first […]

“I can not draw a stick determine.” “I cannot even draw a straight line.” “But I never know how to attract!” “I just can’t attract to help you save my lifestyle.” If you have listened to these gloom-and-doom phrases, they have arrive from learners and adults alike. The query is, […]

Olya Haydamaka, “Чернігів. Сильне коріння.” (Chernihiv. Potent Roots)(2022) (graphic courtesy the artist) Previous year, when I was composing my dissertation on the history of Ukrainian people, my analysis observed a repeated pattern: Inspite of long histories of suppression, erasure, and destruction, Ukrainian individuals typically utilized folks art as a device […]