May 24, 2024


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Tips for Express Video Production

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Among all the aspects that need to be taken into account when creating audiovisuals there are some that should be especially clear in case, suddenly, a revolutionary, brilliant and innovative idea arises and you have little time to shoot. Let’s see these 3 tips for express video production that you cannot miss.

What must be taken into account when producing express videos?

Let’s see what aspects you can never forget if you are a regular in audiovisual or have the intention (that everyone should) to shoot soon.

Trusted technical team

We will start by choosing a technical team. Of course, experience and training are directly related to both the recording time and the quality of the audiovisual .
This point is really intense, since the search for personnel is never easy. For this reason, if you really have an aspiration to reach very high with your company, do not leave this aspect until the last moment. Sooner or later you will need an audiovisual production company , either to help you launch a product on the market, to present yourself at an event or for any other reason.
Get down to work and investigate audiovisual services not only in your city but also in your region. Art is where you least look for it, but you have to look for it well.


The supplier is an essential aspect when it comes to achieving quality in all aspects.
Making a proper video requires “provisioning” many resources. It is necessary to know where to get both production material and in which agency you are going to find the best actors, who you have to turn to if you need to cover transportation for filming and many other aspects.
In addition, it does not hurt to know the rates of several of your provider options to be able to see what budget you should have, how it is divided, in what aspects you can spend more or less depending on the type of video , etc. This information is necessary if a sudden idea for an express project comes up .

Select casting

Both from an actor agency that you have already seen in the previous point as if you do it on your own or through contacts you have, always have a couple of good actors in the bedroom. This does not mean that you always go to work with them but you make sure that, if you have an unforeseen project , a brilliant and innovative idea, you will not waste time with extensive castings. Because it is clear that an innovative idea requires professionalism in all areas; keep them in the bedroom and you will see that everything goes smoothly.
Of course, for other jobs that don’t require that rush, you can take all the time in the world to do a casting where you have the opportunity to speak to hundreds of people if you wish; in fact, we advise it. This that we tell you is an ace up your sleeve for crucial moments.