The full title of this book is The World of Urban Sketching: Celebrating the Evolution of Drawing and Painting on Location Around the Globe – New Inspirations to See Your World One Sketch at a Time. The author is Stephanie Bower, an urban sketcher, teacher, illustrator and architect based in […]

The Importance of Business in the Art World The importance of business in the art world is a topic that is merely the tip of the iceberg regarding the lack of essential business knowledge taught to artists and art students.  Looking at the art industry today, there has been a significant increase […]

Here we show evidence of this process of education expansion utilizing cross-nation estimates of average years of education. Average, or mean years of education of a population, are usually calculated from knowledge on the distribution of the inhabitants by age group and highest level of education attained in a given […]

I consider college professors who educate should should take 5+ education classes. Two or more instructional psychology and two or more educational neuroscience lessons can be most well-liked. I was fairly dissatisfied at how unhealthy the quality of education was the place I went, especially for the way a lot […]