Tracing the emergence of graffiti from an underground subculture into a legitimate career, Duality: A Graffiti Story — directed by Ryan Dowling — focuses on the struggles and successes of 5 pointed out graffiti artists. In the Buffalo 8 documentary attribute movie, legendary writers Meres A person, Twin, Sloke, Jaber […]

When: Saturday Oct 22, 1-5-PM In which: Otis Street Arts Project, 3706 Otis Street, Mount Rainier, MD 20712 What: Shell out a everyday afternoon with the artists of Otis Road Arts Task. Satisfy the artists, look at their most recent exhibition “ARTgineering v2.,” and be ready for some fulfilling discussions. […]

Ready for a takeover? In our new series, Displate artists take the wheel wall to talk about some of their favorite pieces of art. Here to kick things off, it’s Paris-based dark fantasy artist, Anato Finnstark! First off, thanks for checking out my selection! Some of you may have already […]

You have until 12 noon on Friday 19th August to get your entries in for the Open Annual Exhibition 2022 of the Society of Wildlife Artists. The Society of Wildlife Artists seeks to generate appreciation and delight in the natural world through all forms of fine art inspired by the […]

Two weeks ago I delivered a Zoom Talk to recent art graduates about “Tax Tips for UK Artists” – and walked them through the process of starting out with their tax affairs with the HMRC and what they needed to do.  You can find out what the Talk covers below. Any […]

This is about resources for those needing to think about the disposal of art from an Estate after the death of an artist and/or art collector. Having lost my mother recently, I’m in that rather odd phase where you become super sensitive to all mentions of death. This morning it […]