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Super Weddings work is truly a piece of art.

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How much does the destination wedding videography and photography cost?

First of all, our prices are reasonable and tailored to your personal request. We put a lot of our own emotions and hearts into all the wedding movies and photos we make. Money is not our first priority, but of course, we must bear in mind that this is a seasonal job and we only do it in our lifetime.

I guess this allows us to call ourselves professional videographers and wedding photographers.

The prices of destination wedding videography and photography are different from one country to another and, obviously, from so many companies that you can find many prices. Something that makes the biggest difference in my perspective is the sense of style and individuality – that the person you hire represents the visual and personal taste that you love so much.

Each destination wedding photography and videography company has its own package list. Our packages start from 750 euros if you decide to record an adventure in Gran Canaria with us. You can find a good example of an adventure session here. Feel free to contact us in the form below to get our complete list of packages and their prices.

Do you offer destination wedding photography and videography services?

Yes, we also offer photography services. Over time, after shooting so many wedding videos, we have realized that photography has grown on us too and we feel blessed to explore this art form for our amazing couples. Many couples love our style and the way we shoot videos and they love the idea of ​​having similar frames for their destination wedding photography. Click here for the best Island Art and Taste Private House wedding video island art taste.

You can find more examples of our photographs here

Do you work alone?

Yes and no, because Super Weddings is a team of very talented and creative people. We share the work with each other to bring you the right person at your wedding.

But even though we work as a team in 90% of cases, the destination wedding videographer or photographer will actually be one person only. If you are reading this page in Spanish, your wedding most likely requires us to travel. Having a videographer is an advantage when it comes to transportation and hospitality costs, it’s just less expensive. Also, working alone gives us more creative freedom, which is vital to your story. However, if you really think you need more people involved, please let us know and I will coordinate a helping hand.

How do you work on the wedding day?

Most of your guests will think that I am one of your friends they have never met before. I will never make you feel uncomfortable and you will really love our time together. A typical wedding day is about 10 hours for me to film you, from getting ready for the wedding to dinner and the party.

What do you offer?

What you receive from us is, above all, a unique and emotional story about you and your special day. That is the most important result of our services.

I don’t think we can define love by the number of minutes or movies. Our work is always very individual and people-oriented. However, usually couples are happy to have a creative movie that is 3-5 minutes long or a combination with a 10-30 minute long story. Sometimes weddings are large and last a few days, which is very often the case with Indian weddings; then we will do our best to prepare a personalized offer based on your requirements and needs.

Can you attend our wedding even if you are in a different country?

Of course! We just love destination weddings. As a destination wedding videographer, traveling is a big part of the story writing process. The journey itself has a great influence on our work. In recent years, we have traveled to each and every corner of the globe and we are more than happy to use this experience for you and your amazing wedding.

How do we find ourselves?

Usually we meet on Skype or WhatsApp. I think it is very important for both you and us to talk and build a personal connection. Don’t worry, it’s usually a lot of fun talking to each other.

How do we book the wedding?

First, fill out the form below or write to us on the CONTACT tab when you are ready to choose Super Weddings to be your destination wedding photographer and / or videographer. When we have talked and met online and you are as excited as we are, we will sign a super simple contract and you make a 30% deposit and voila !!

Can we have a couple session before the wedding?

Of course! We can come a day or two early and have some extra time together. What we can also plan is to have another adventure a