May 24, 2024


Trailblazing music quality

Shopping Your Music in Today’s Music Industry

For all my fellow Dynamic Producer members & music producers who are shopping tracks their own tracks in general…

I’ve spent hundreds of hours screening music for various A&R’s, Artists and Companies. When I pick beats to submit I’m almost always basing the choice off the groove of the track. Whether it’s the groove of the melody, sample or drums. The groove is whats most important to me. If the groove isn’t really there, it has to be some kinds of track that hits so hard, everyone from other rooms start walking by the office to see who’s in there. I’ve seen it happen a bunch of times. Interns will start coming out of the woodwork to just hang around and not really do anything.

And if you are gonna go the pop/r&b route, your mixes ABSOLUTELY MUST sound pro level. Without a pro sounding mix, unless you have some melodies or a song that is CRAZY, the track is going to get passed over. There is really no excuse to not have a pro level mix on ANY type of tracks, but for any kind og pop stuff, it is absolutely unforgivable.

You have to remember that A&R’s, Artists and other music industry gatekeepers hear average (and below average) tracks ALL DAY. You have to have some music that is gonna cut through all of that and stand out above the rest…

Unless you want to be the “guy with the wack beat on the album”… which we will delve into in the future.