Sara Birns distills the multi-faceted and at any time-shifting mother nature of human character into every of her uncanny, contorted portraits. Although she’s constantly liked drawing faces, she started to establish new methods when she started dedicating herself more seriously to her painting apply. Seeking to illuminate the many influences that influence how our faces appear to just one another and modify around time, she brings together facial functions from herself, her close friends, loved ones, and strangers, making fully new characters. 

I like to tamper and morph the cues that we usually use to recognize a individual,” she points out. “Cues these types of as fashion, facial functions, expressions, and at times glimpses into a predicament they are in. Human character is constantly evolving and transforming with time and gatherings, equating to the impossibility of fully grasping a person’s character. This is the purpose I morph the figures, usually obscuring the age. I try to uncover the layers of ever-modifying emotions absolutely everyone activities in single times as we journey to take a look at ourselves and our influences on this earth.”

Initially from Santa Cruz, California, Birns not long ago relocated to Australia, in which she is now exploring, in research of the perfect town to settle into with her boyfriend.

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