June 25, 2024


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Rap Beats and Hip Hop Beats – Succeeding Like the Major Music Artists and How to Find Great Beats

Time and time again aspiring singers, rappers and musicians aim for the brass ring and tumble just out of reach. They think they have it all. They look “right.” They have a professional attitude. They even have a solid following. Yet, they lack something. Sometimes, the flaw does not even seem tangible until you listen closely to their music.

Often, while their lyrics and melodies are good or even great, their sound falls flat. It is tedious, repetitive or derivative. It has no passion. You hear it and forget it. What they lack is a good, solid hooking beat. They could have avoided this if they had realized today’s sound relies more than ever on the beat.

Instrumental beats, hip hop beats, Reggae beats, jazz beats, the list is a wide and varied one, providing you with options. Professional beats are readily available online. Sample, listen, combine with what you already have or replace everything. Once you have something to start with, make a decision on your direction.

The way you go, the beat you choose, must be based on a number of different but related factors. Begin with your intent. What is the audience for your music? Are you sticking with the underground scene and planning on an independent label? Do you want to go national and need music that appeals to a larger audience? Do you want popularity or fame?

Whatever it is, it still goes back to one thing: the Beat. You must fashion it and it you, to interact with your target audience. Choose a more commercial or slick beat if you plan on going pop. The club beat will take you many places. If you have a slower-than-molasses style, consider chopped and screwed, a Southern hip hop staple. If you want high energy, tap into Crunk or Hyphy. It all depends on your audience.

It also depends on your venue. Some places, prefer West Coast, others East Coast and still others, Southern hip hop. Some nights it is just as well to hit the beat of Old School. The clue is in the reaction and preference of your audience. Know this before you sign up to perform. This will allow you to prepare. Hip hop beats? Rap beats?

This does not mean ignoring your own preference and style. It means, however, checking out other forms and seeing if there is compatibility with your personal technique. Do not be afraid to experiment with new beats. It may add depth to your music. If it does not work, at least you will know because you have actually tried it.

Next, extrapolate what you learn from performing into the competitive world of music. It requires the same process. You need the same skills. In fact, you need the feedback of your audiences and countless sampling of various beats and combination of beats before you are ready to face the grueling task of breaking into the music business.

If you decide to prepare a demo or perform live for a producer, make sure you are a true professional. Choose only professional beats that work for you. Whether it is for a crowd or for an individual, know what is popular before you make your move. If it is viable, incorporate the material into your own music via the right beats. Take a lesson from the new masters and learn from the old. The diversification of hip hop, rap, and pop creates a wide variety of beats to tap into and combine. You can take the simpler rhythms of Dirty South and combine the looped drum of Crunk. From this, you can create your own personal form and it may, just may, result in you getting that signing.

Rap beats and great hip hop beats will get you noticed and alow you to stand out from the crowd. So get some rap beats like the major artist do!