September 24, 2023


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Online Exhibition by the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators

Online Exhibition by the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators

If you’ve ever considered moving on from an interest in drawing and painting animals to becoming a Natural Science Illustrator, you may well be interested to view the Online Exhibition of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.

It coincides with their 2022 Virtual Annual Conference which has finished the Core Conference – with workshops to come on 20–21 & 27–28, 2022.

2022 Juried Members’ Exhibition by GNSI Artists

You can view the Online Exhibition here

part of the Online GNSI Artists Juried Exhibition 2022

The jurors for this year’s exhibition selected artwork on display from among over 200 entries from members from around the world. The names I recognised are botanical artists – and I was left wondering why I didn’t recognise more artists working in wildlife art – especially since I know some of those also work as illustrators.

The artwork is incredibly diverse in terms of both subject matter and approaches to creating images. There is of course a strong tendency for the artwork to be realistic – but that’s the nature of natural history illustration when it’s scientific.

A Pacific Coast native, Antoinette has lived the majority of her life in the Pacific Northwest. Her education includes a BA in Art as well as a Certificate in Botanical Illustration from the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh. Her current focus is on native plants of the Pacific Northwest, with an artistic emphasis on graphite pencil drawing, pen and ink illustration, and three dimensional paper botanicals.

More about the artists please!

It’s a pity that some of the artist’s pages lacked a biography and all seemed to lack contact details where more of their work can be seen and they can be contacted.

In my view, it’s of little use to state

Please reach out to artists directly for inquiries regarding image reuse rights and/or new work inquiries.

if you don’t then provide the relevant information about how to contact them!

Maybe the template for each artist page could be revised to include PROMPTS for

  • name of artist
  • biography
  • images + textual summary of purpose of illustration and/or client
  • how the artist can be contacted

After all, at the end of the day, the original reason for having organisations of artists and illustrators was to help them have a career and make money from their art and illustrations.