June 25, 2024


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Make a Gunslinger Costume With Items From Your Own Closet

If you were looking for any kind of gunslinger costumes, you really don’t have to travel that far I’ll bet. In fact, I’ll also bet that you may even have most of the accessories you’ll need for a great gunslinger costume sitting around in your own closet!!

Lets talk about it for a minute. So, for starters, you will need to have a few simple cowboy costume basics which can be as simple as your favorite pair of blue jeans, black jeans are also very good, and a nice long sleeved, button down shirt – and almost any color will do. The addition of a fitted vest, including a shiny pocket watch is a really nice touch too.

Do you have a pair of chaps? If you do, then you could easily add the chaps to your outfit, with or without fringe, your choice, to look even more authentic. Other things to make your gunslinger Halloween costumes look even better are the addition possibly of a bandanna around your neck, a well worn cowboy hat on your head and a pair of old cowboy boots on your feet.

What else? Other ideas you might want to use are those jingly spurs. Add them to your boots to get that “meet me at high noon” dramatic entrance many gunslingers long for. The sound of the spurs alone is enough to throw many of us back to the old west in our minds. And if you have a duster, one of those nice, almost floor length cowboy coats, don’t forget to wear that either.

Guys, another tip for you, don’t shave for a few days before the Halloween party either. Remember, many gunslingers were a little bit tired and worn down, so sport a little bit of stubble to look even more realistic. And ladies, or others who can’t grow a beard, you can fake it by using a little bit of grease paint and a stippling sponge or you could always add a good glue-on handlebar mustache.

Lastly, don’t forget your gun. A gunslingers main necessity was his trusty sidearm so don’t mess up the look of your entire gunslinger costume now by just picking any old kiddie gun! Spend a little time searching for one that looks pretty real (not in bright colors or in the wrong style) and also one that matches your size too. Holsters are a nice touch too but if push comes to shove you can always stuff the guns in your waistband.

So, there you go, now you should have just about everything you need to make your own gunslinger costume out of loads of items you found in your own closet. Best of all, this helps to make your own gunslinger costume (almost) free, relatively cheap, and pretty realistic looking too.