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Love Life in Norse Astrology – The Role of Frigga

Love Life in Norse Astrology – The Role of Frigga

In Norse astrology, Frigga (represented by the planet Venus) is one of three planets that indicate the quality and nature of our love life. The other two planets are Freyja (Sun) and Thor (Mars). Frigga represents the home and family. Frigga signifies the part of us that wants marriage, children, a loving family, a comfortable home, and refuge from a hostile world. Frigga helps determine how we establish a household and joint life with a long-term partner.

Because Frigga has an affinity with the Night East house of Norse astrology, we also look to that octant of the solar circle for a description of our long-term partnerships and domestic environment.

We face a paradox when studying the effect of Frigga in Norse horoscopes. Frigga is the planet of privacy, especially that of the home as a refuge from public affairs. Given her role, we will expect to find Frigga in a weak or subdued position when we consider the lives of public figures.

We begin by analyzing the Norse charts of two European heads of state, German chancellor Angela Merkel, and French president Nicolas Sarkozy. For Merkel, we find Frigga in Ansuz, the rune of the subtle wind transcending barriers. Ansuz is helpful in other contexts, but not for the personal commitments of Frigga. In addition, Frigga is in her weakest house, the Day West house, realm of public affairs. The position helps Merkel appear a mother figure to the German people, but it is not conducive to a personal family. Odin (Moon), the wanderer, is in the Night East house, accentuating the lack of domestic commitment.

For Nicholas Sarkozy, we find Frigga locked in Isa, the rune of cold, immobile ice. She has no major aspects to other planets, and only a weak aspect to Freyja. This cold and rigid environment is accentuated by the Norns (Neptune), the planet of obstacles, in the Night East house. In addition, we find the planet of societal institutions, Tyr (Saturn), in the Night East house. This position has the same effect as Merkel’s Frigga in the opposing Day West house – the domestic environment is overwhelmed by public commitments. From these aspects, we can understand how his father abandoned him, how his schoolmates taunted him, and his three marriages.

We also find a debilitated Frigga in the chart of actress Marilyn Monroe, who had three marriages and three divorces. Here we find Frigga in the intellectual airy rune Mannaz, preventing her from forming long-lasting relationships. Frigga is in the Day house, which gives prominence to her feminine qualities, but works against a comfortable private life. There are no planets in the Night East house.

Mexican painter Frida Kahlo has a more challenging Frigga. Her Frigga is in the very public Dagaz, rune of transformation, transcendence, and cataclysm. This aspect alone explains her stormy, passionate relationship with Diego Rivera, whom she divorced, then remarried. It also explains how she made her home into a sanctuary for publicly controversial celebrities such as revolutionary Leon Trotsky. Like Monroe, her Night East house is empty. Kenaz, the rune of trials, testing, and reshaping, is primary in her Night East house.

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