May 27, 2024


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Laura Theresia Köhler | Painting Instant Joy

Laura Theresia Köhler | Painting Instant Joy

About Laura Theresia Köhler

Laura Theresia Köhler was born in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1980. As she writes on her website’s homepage, “With my paintings, I want to provide the viewer with a feeling of instant joy and happiness,” it is clear that there’s no space for anger or pain in Laura’s surroundings. She explains how filling her childhood with colorful nature, ranging from the blu Spanish sea to the green or white Swiss mountains, and her many grown-up travels is a significant reason for her vibrant paintings.

Laura’s Joyful Workflow and Storytelling

Laura shares silent stories through her paintings, holding a parallel universe inside herself. There are no words to complete an intuition. All she wants is to create what she loves from her soul, which is indeed abstract, bright, joyful, and colorful.

Nevertheless, she doesn’t stop there, as Laura is deeply interested in how colors and shapes have the power to influence our mood. She considers this to be her way of bringing joy.

Landscapes are a recurring subject of her abstract paintings, and as she can remember, she has always depicted landscapes since the age of 8. 


Life & Career

Having pursued a degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Trier, she worked as a Fashion designer in a leading position to understand soon how she was missing painting. Laura is indeed one human who finds true happiness in sharing happiness. So she left her good job to go for her heart. Today, she believes that having suffered the lack of doing what she loves is what brought her to her lively and vibrant style. Also, the fashion influence may be remarkable in her paintings through experimental color contrasts and rhythmical compositions. 

Ultimately, the covid-19 pandemic gave her more time to spend painting, and she finally became a passionate and professional one.

She started selling her artworks only in September 2020. Her collectors are growing increasingly, from private ones to offices or public buildings in Germany, Cyprus, Sweden, Spain, the UK, Canada, the USA, and China. She now loves working from her Bielefeld-based studio.

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