September 25, 2023


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About Isabella Conticello

Isabella Conticello (b. 1988) is an Italian graphic designer and illustrator. She is recognized for her unique way of translating colors and shapes into a very authentic style. On completion, she supports her layouts with a likewise meticulous manner of combining lines and forms with an impeccable sense of density and volume.

She is a color person, one of those used to describe every memory with a color-related emotion. For instance, as she is originally from Sicily, the blue of the sea and the yellow of the sun are recurring elements in her artwork.

Her passion for graphic design has grown while studying fine arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo, a core moment in which she started realizing her innovative yet simple and clean graphic layouts. Her inspiration comes from Yves Klein, Irma Boom, and Franco Fontana’s work: “ me, blue, red and yellow are the perfect triad. I always search for new ways of using a chosen component or interpreting an element to find the final core element that will pool all the other ones together, as in a big family.”

Workflow and Technique

She works mainly with vector digital media, as she still defines herself entirely tied to this technique, as it was her first approach to her initial artworks.

Despite her young age, she has collected various meaningful collaborations but hasn’t got a preferred one to mention. She says: “Every project is unique, and I have always gained something important from each”.

Although she works mainly with digital, she still hasn’t a personal website, and probably this is something we like about her. She defines Behance as a shelter for those artists like her that still do not set the idea of having a website. So to know more about her work, visit her Behance page.


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Isabella Conticello - OIOI - Minimarket di editoria indipendendente
@ I. Conticello – OIOI – Minimarket di editoria indipendendente
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@ I. Conticello – TUBOBLU | Milano
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@ I. Conticello – A GEO A DAY
isabella conticello
@ I. Conticello – A GEO A DAY
@ I. Conticello – A GEO A DAY
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