May 23, 2024


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Is Dungeons & Dragons Releasing an Adventure Based on an Old Cartoon?

An forthcoming, unofficially announced Dungeons & Dragons Starter Established could have stronger ties to the outdated Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. Earlier this yr, Hasbro unintentionally leaked that Wizards of the Coast would release a new Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set titled “Dragons of Stormwreck Isle.” So considerably, aspects about that Starter Set have been held tranquil, but a closer inspection of the admittedly blurry go over artwork reveals what appears to be two characters from the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon.

While blurry, the artwork depicts what seems to be Hank the Ranger wielding his signature magical Energy Bow, as perfectly as Diana the Acrobat, who is leaping around a blue dragon’s lightning breath with her extending personnel in hand. An additional preview image reveals a character wielding a glowing defend similar to that used by Eric the Cavalier. 

(Image: Wizards of the Coast)

The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon collection at first aired from 1983 to 1985 on CBS and made use of components of the D&D match, which include well-liked monsters like the beholder and the evil dragon goddess Tiamat. Whilst the sequence only ran for 27 episodes, it has remained a part of D&D lifestyle and has observed its level of popularity increase in recent a long time. Wizards of the Coastline lately made a established of confined-edition Magic: The Accumulating Secret Lair playing cards showcasing characters from the display, and an unofficial ending to the cartoon was supplied by using a car or truck business. 

This would not be the very first time that the figures from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon collection have appeared in official D&D rulebooks. In 2000, Wizards of the Coastline released a full Animated Series Handbook that gave the characters of the show comprehensive 3.5 Version stats and was bundled in a DVD box set for the cartoon. Various other easter eggs hinted at the destiny of the people of the present – a 1996 comic ebook proven that Presto would come to be an apprentice of Overlooked Realms character Elminster, whilst the Baldur’s Gate 2 video recreation hinted that the characters were being killed and eaten by Tiamat. 

Preserve in mind that the graphic previously mentioned is a marketing picture for a product or service that has not been formally declared still. Hope to listen to additional facts about the new D&D Starter Set afterwards this yr.