May 20, 2024


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If You Are Searching For A Halloween Costume-The Possibilities Are Endless

Creating a Halloween Costume with the WOW factor is what I love! What’s even better? Wearing a Halloween costume with that really scares people and makes you the centre of the party, what a great result. Awesome halloween party ideas, scary masks, halloween witch and horror. You name it, I am devoted to all things scary! When people get together for a party, there is sure to be laughter. How better to bring people together than by coming up with a costume that will make people scared and laugh at the same time? Want some costumes ideas? Here are some that I have used with great success in the past!

What to know a secret? People love corny costumes. Use your imagination, you know, anyone can create a Halloween Costume based on common phrases or punch lines. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

Gold Digger

Wear a gold dress, gold glitter on your lip gloss and paint your nails gold. Paint a toy shovel gold, and carry it with a bag of gold rocks. Simple!

Peace love and happiness

For three people: one person dresses like a hippy with a giant peace sign on their chest; one person wears red and white, with a giant heart on their chest; and one person wears bright yellow, with a giant smiley face on their chest

Grim reaper

Find a large piece of black cloth, put it on over your head tie a thick old, fraying rope around it. Make sure it is open in front for your arms; you need to leave enough room so you can swing your arms around a lot. For the sickle (reaper): Take any broomstick or mop etc and take the broom top off. Then saw a slit on the top large enough for a couple of pieces of cardboard to side by side. Use duct tape to tape everything together. Put fake blood on it to make it look like you have just shown someone to their death.


Easy costume! Just get some red tights, and a red turtleneck shirt (or go shirtless). Make some pointy, ugly ears out of red cardboard or thick felt. Create some pointy horns out of foam, paint them red and attach them to your head with a headband. The tail can be made from wire covered with red, with an arrow-shape at the end. Cover all exposed skin with red make-up.

Out of Halloween Costume ideas? Your closet is the best place to start!! Avoid all the crowds and bothersome waiting in costume stores by using your own closet as a one-stop costume shop. Well, look no further than your own over flowing closet. Its likely that the materials you need are right in front of you!. You’d be surprised of all the great materials, accessories, and themes you can find hidden behind old clothes and boxes. Here are some of the reasons why you can use your closet for costume inspiration this year.


The best costumes, by far, are those that are produced with the most creativity. What consumers don’t realize is that they have a closet full of inspiration and unique materials right at home. You won’t ever have to worry about someone arriving to the party wearing the exact same outfit when you make your costume from your closet.

Instant Transformation

You’d be surprised at how well your old things can transform into new costumes. That old shirt you never wear anymore can get cut up into a vest, hood, or sash accessory. Your old skirt can be made into a cape. Rip that chiffon layer off of your old prom or useless bridesmaid dress and use it to make a harem girl costume. For a quick bald-look, grab some old, torn pantyhose and stretch it over your hair. Old sheets are fantastic for more than ghost costumes; the possibilities with old clothes are endless. Hey, Scarlett O’Hara made a drop-dead dress from curtains, so keep an open mind! Unlimited Halloween costume ideas can be found at Halloween Costume.