May 27, 2024


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How to Make a Chun Li Costume

In this short tutorial, I will discuss the basics of how to make a Chun Li costume. Making a Chun Li costume is not as hard as it may seem. There are three main components that you will need to take care of. First you must make the blue dress with belt, then you need to make her white bun covers, and finally you need to make her spiked bracelets.

To make the blue dress, you can either sew it from scratch or get one already made. Chun Li wears a qipao style dress with puffy sleeves and gold designs and trim. You can look for a qipao style dress at a thrift store or modify any blue short sleeve dress. If you can add gold trim and draw on the design with gold fabric paint, that is enough for the basic costume.

If you want it to look more authentic, you can make the dress from a pattern and modify it by adding puffy sleeves. Look for a qipao style pattern, add puffy sleeves, and also cut two slits in the side of the dress with the front of the dress being shorter than the back. Look for a picture of Chun Li to use as a reference to get the pattern right. Sew on gold trim and either sew gold fabric on for the design or use gold fabric paint.

To complete the dress, you just need to sew on or tie around a white belt. Make it from white fabric that is cut so it is the widest in the middle and tapers out towards the ends.

With the clothing complete, you need to work on the accessories. The white bun covers are simple to make from white fabric. Cut out some large white circles and cover your hair buns with the fabric while attaching an elastic hair tie band around the buns. The hair tie will secure the bun cover to your bun. Tuck in some white or gold ribbons, and you are done.

For the spiked bracelets, you need foam, black paint or electrical tape, and frosting tips. Cut out bracelets from the foam that fit snugly around each wrist. Paint them black or cover them with black electrical tape. Then glue on some metal frosting tips for the spikes that go all the way around the bracelet.

The final piece of the costume is her shoes. If you do not already have a pair of white boots, look for some white boots at a thrift store. Chun Li wears white boots that lace up, so try to find something that looks similar.