June 18, 2024


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Halloween Fancy Dress – Harry Potter Parties

Harry Potter is a fabulous children’s Halloween fancy dress theme. Both adults and children love the books and films. It’s a tale of wizards, witches, good and evil; making it a superb Halloween party choice.

Decorate the room with Hogwarts’ banners and get one of the adults to dress as Mad eyed Moody.  He can supervise the games, and give the prize for the best Halloween costumes. 

Mad eyed Moody wore his very scary ‘mad eye’ on the outside of his face, and this has been copied to make a fabulously frightening face mask. It will scare all the children, but hopefully, not frighten the little ones!  Mad eyed Moody was one of the good guys but he was killed by Voldemort while taking Harry to a safe house. He’s a fun character to host your Halloween fancy dress.

Some people like to give every child a present to take home. Arrange a Halloween fancy dress competition and create as many prize categories as you have children: the most exciting, the most gruesome or the funniest fancy dress. This way every child will receive a gift.

Add a Halloween tablecloth and some Harry Potter paper plates and napkins to your dressed table.

Harry Potter’s fancy dress choice is especially good, and the quality of the costumes is exceptional. If you’re holding a children’s party and the parents are invited to stay, ask the adults to dress up too. It creates a great atmosphere and the children love it.

Most children love Harry Potter films. Even if your child is too young to watch the film, or read the book, she will have heard all about it from older siblings. From Dementors and Death Eaters to Ron Weasley and Harry Potter’ costumes there are outfits to suit every child and adult.