May 22, 2024


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French Maid Halloween Costume is Not the Sexist Choice

A close friend of mine has been struggling with the concept of dressing up as a French Maid this Halloween. She is conflicted over the sexuality and the servitude the costume represents. She has the desire to look great but not to project a poor image of women. I have written down my response to her concerns in one sentence: Get over it!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Americans like Halloween. It is clear that we love it! People of all ages, races, economic backgrounds, creeds and temperaments all enjoy celebrating Halloween in one form or another. Decorating the house, hosting a Halloween party, going trick or treating, and carving  jack-o-lanterns are all proof of this. What most adults enjoy is the excuse to get dressed up as something different from ourselves. We get the opportunity to show a side of ourselves that we don’t normally show to the world, and to be accepted by everyone for doing it. 

In recent years, many Halloween costumes for women have decidedly become sexier and more revealing. The traditional French maid costume falls under this category. This is proven by the fact that many women’s costumes have the word, “sexy”, in the costume name and description. Is it a statement about the erosion of our morals or is it a rebellion for women against modern society’s image of what a successful, professional woman should be? I tend to lean toward the latter and here are the reasons why.

Our society has continually told women that being sexy and desirable is a bad thing. You have to dress professionally to be taken seriously in the work place, and any hint of femininity in this environment can be viewed by other coworkers as a weakness, or as the reason behind why a particular woman is successful. So women today, try to hide their sexuality behind professional, business dress. Is it unreasonable to think, that total suppression of feelings of sexuality and being desirable is going to have some sort of backlash? I think not, and that is where sexy Halloween costumes come into play.

On Halloween you are allowed or even encouraged to assume an alternate identity for an evening. This allows people to express something about themselves, they normally keep hidden. People can display all of their hidden fantasies and dreams without the danger of harsh social judgment. This is where the French Maid Costume comes in.

The French Maid may not be the ideal choice for all women, but some women who are looking to show their sexuality in a saucy, sexy and funny way it could be perfect. The great thing about this particular costume choice is that you have a wide variety of styles to choose from.   If you are a little more modest, you will be able to find an adult French Maid costume that will show your femininity without revealing everything to everyone. However, if your desire is to show a little skin and display your sexy side for everyone to see, you can find a costume that will accomplish that, as well.

No matter what costume you decide to wear this Halloween, I encourage you to let your hair down a little and release a little of that pent up frustration in a healthy and socially acceptable way. Dress how you really want to an show the not so apparent side of your personality. It will be good for you and your self esteem. Don’t let society tell you what it is acceptable at Halloween, you decide! By getting your own French Maid Halloween Costume this year, you will show that you are  comfortable with being a woman who can show the sexy side and yet still be powerful and formidable at the office. So to my friend out there and all women, be a French Maid this Halloween, it could be the healthiest thing you do all year!