May 24, 2024


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Elmo Hood | Collages with Play Cards

About Elmo Hood

Elmo Hood (b.1989) is a British contemporary artist living in Brisbane, Australia. As a self-taught, his unconventional technique is a manifestation of his creative intuition and workflow. Elmo’s specialties are collages using play cards – something relatively new until 2013 when he became viral with a collage piece he created out of two play cards. That artwork opened his doors to various international exhibitions and a firm celebrity fan base.

Elmo Hood | A Lot Changed Me

ElmoHood’s Creative Technique

By cropping, shaping, and burning the cards, he aims to represent human feelings and often stretches the references to philosophy and the paranormal. His work is now best depicted as a fuse between pop art and mixed media as he uses a variety of materials and different techniques to achieve his compositions.

Figures and Color Palette

The chosen play cards always guide Elmo’s color palette, but he also uses darker tones to define outlines and other shades. Indeed, a figure will pop out of a juxtaposition of cards. Sometimes a King or a Queen, sometimes Batman or an octopus. Aside from the figurative subjects, Hood wants to attract the viewer through several routes, such as curiosity, surprise, engagement, and feelings.

Elmo Hood | Crank The Sun Series

Elmo Hood | Butterfly King Series Elmo Hood | Bluebird Series Elmo Hood | Batman Series

Publications and Exhibitions

Publications to date include British GQ, Forbes, Glamour Magazine, Wall Street International, Oddity mag, Sloane Square Magazine, and many more.
Elmo has exhibited artwork in London, Paris, New York, Miami, Ibiza, Bahrain, and Munich throughout his career. His work was auctioned off at the Houses of Parliament.

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Visit Elmo Hood’s website here, or follow him on Instagram! 

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