June 25, 2024


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Easy Homemade Mexican Costume Ideas

Dressing up as a Mexican guy or girl for Halloween or another party can be fun.

It is always a great idea to wear these colorful costumes. If you’ve been meaning to give this a try but don’t have any idea how to get started, the good news for you is you don’t even have to spend big bucks just to get this right. In fact, you can take a look at your closet and find some clothes that can be used to come up with your own Mexican costume. Purchasing new pieces is another option you may consider but don’t you worry – this will not cost you too much. Besides, most of what you need will likely be available at your local thrift shop.

One thing you need to understand about Mexican clothing is that they are usually very light and comfortable. This has always been the case perhaps mainly because of the climate in the country.

Simple Costume Ideas for Men and Women

For guys, go open up your closet and find a pair of light-colored trousers and button-down shirt. After that, try looking for a small blanket you can use as a serape. Typically, this should have bright stripes and fringe for it to work. You may use this as a shoulder drape. Another idea is to cut a small hole for your head and don it as a poncho. Wear a straw cowboy hat or a sombrero and you’ll be almost ready to party. To complete your look, wear sandals or Western-style boots for your footwear.

On the other hand, girls can get a circle skirt to use. This should either be bright-colored or with stripes. It is likewise a fine idea to go for a white skirt with beautiful embroidery. A huipil can be a good match but in case you don’t have one, you can use any blouse as long as it has short sleeves and scooped neckline. A shawl can be added as well. Plus do not forget to wear slippers or sandals if you want to look more attractive.

Creating Your Own Poncho

Again, you have the choice of making a poncho if you don’t want to buy one. This garment can be easily made as long as you have the right materials. Fleece fabric is ideal for this but be sure to take measurements on your shoulders before cutting a hole. Of course, a fabric with colorful stripes is most ideal.