June 25, 2024


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Dinosaur Halloween Costume Ideas

As fall approaches, many people start searching for the perfect Halloween costume. Kids want to get attention while trick-or-treating. Adults want to be the life of the Halloween party.

The internet is full of good Halloween costume ideas, but some of them seem to require you to be either a seamstress or a welder in order to complete your costume. If you’re looking for a do-it-yourself costume that’s easy and original, you’ll need to go back to the Stone Age and check out these dinosaur costume ideas.

Hoodies are your friend when it comes to Halloween costume ideas. Because they include a built-in hat, they’re versatile and can be turned into everything from horns to (worn without your arms in the sleeves) an impromptu hooded cape. A hoodie (or a hooded sweatshirt) can be a huge help in creating a dinosaur costume. If you can find a green hoodie, more power to you. If not, that’s OK. Your dinosaur can be any color you’d like.

Besides a hoodie, you’ll need the following for your dinosaur costume: felt (in a color that contrasts well with your hoodie), scissors, and a hot glue gun. The first step is to cut out matching triangles that will be the spines along your dinosaur’s back. When you’re sizing up your “spines” to figure out how large they should be, add an extra inch or two at the base of each triangle (this will give it room to attach to the hoodie). Also cut out a long, narrow triangle to make your dinosaur’s tale.

To make each spine, glue two triangles together, leaving that extra inch or so unglued at the base of the spine. Having two triangles glued together will help the spines stand up better. Once they’ve dried, start at the top of the hoodie (on the hood) and glue the first “spine” to your hoodie via the extra material you left unglued.

That material will be spread out and glued on each side of the triangle; this will help keep it upright. Glue them in a straight line with a couple of inches between each one-all the way down the back of your hoodie. At the bottom/back of your hoodie, glue the dinosaur’s “tail” to the underside so that it will hang out and down behind the wearer.

You can wear the costume as-is, or you can get even more detailed with it. Additional options are to cut contrasting-color triangles and glue them on each side of the existing spines in order to really make them pop. Want to turn your hood into an entire dinosaur head? With white and black felt, make dinosaur eyes and glue them to each side. For a ferocious look, glue white triangles all around the inside edge of the hood. Pull the hood down over your face and you’re an instant carnivore.

The fun thing about this dinosaur costume idea is that it can be paired with any sort of clothing and shoes. Because it’s such a fun and casual costume, it works with anything. Kick back, have fun, and enter a few costume contests-why not?