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Mauricio Perry employs digital art and images to explore the world of Shodo, the conventional Japanese artwork of calligraphy. See more of his portfolio on his internet site.


floral digital photography by Mauricio Perry

“Shodo 0157c” photography/electronic art, 12″ x 12″


In the regular Japanese art of calligraphy (Shodo), the ideogram conveys not only the this means of the word or thought and the Zen ideas they are involved with, but also the individuality and energy of the Shodo practitioner.


floral digital photography by Mauricio Perry

“Shodo 4723″ images/digital artwork, 12″ x 12”


The aesthetic traits of the shodo ideograms, typically deep black and gray contrasting in excess of incredibly white paper (washi), have for me the psychological cost of the purity and restrained simplicity of the absence of coloration.



floral digital photography by Mauricio Perry

“Shodo 183026e” photography/electronic art, 12″ x 12″


To accentuate this simplicity, I intentionally opt for not to include the traditional red signature stamp (inkan) of my identify. The potential to create a get the job done of art with overall economy of assets adds to the aesthetic price of the perform and challenges me as its creator.


floral digital photography by Mauricio Perry

“Shodo 161732c” images/digital art, 12″ x 12″


As a self-taught photographer, my intention is to build a painterly graphic based on a electronic image.


floral digital photography by Mauricio Perry

“Shodo 5245″ pictures/digital art, 12″ x 12”


A lot of instances, I come across a trivial image, an day-to-day item or scene, to which most people often do not pay out awareness. Even so, my “eye” enables me to explore the expressive possibilities of the image with the assistance of electronic tools.


floral digital photography by Mauricio Perry

“Shodo 5326″ images/digital art, 12″ x 12”


The effects are normally unexpected—contrasts, strains and backgrounds that aid determine what in Japan made use of to be referred to as a “floating earth.”


floral digital photography by Mauricio Perry

“Shodo 92518″ photography/electronic art, 12″ x 12”


The visual merchandise is the well-well balanced outcome of the selection of the picture to be photographed, the option of the subject matter inside the photograph and the manipulation of the foreground and track record. At times the outcome is ambiguous, from time to time it is intriguing but it is always—in my opinion—pleasing to the eye and generally conveys a sense of serenity and inner peace.


floral digital photography by Mauricio Perry

“Shodo 2595″ images/digital art, 12″ x 12”


Developing an image for the Shodo collection is an exercise in experimentation. I crop (typically to a sq. structure), darken some spots, lighten other folks, opt for the sufficient background and choose if the topic will cast a shadow or not. All these evidently inconsequential options increase up to create an graphic that satisfies my want for self-expression.


floral digital photography by Mauricio Perry

“Shodo 7548c” pictures/electronic artwork, 12″ x 12″


The end final result is an impression that has been stripped of any pointless things to express the essence of the represented object. After the image is printed, I ordinarily position it in an austere black frame with a white mat to match the experience of the get the job done.


floral digital photography by Mauricio Perry

“Shodo 0940″ images/electronic art, 12″ x 12”


In my journey, I have integrated teachings and concepts from other artists and masters, notably Silvia Brewda, Jack Wild and Simon Foster. I am grateful to a lot of others—some up to date, some from hundreds of years past—that, knowingly or not, presented inspiration and steering or both.


Artist Mauricio Perry invitations you to observe him on Instagram.


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