July 15, 2024


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Country Music – Power Chords

Country Music – Power Chords

OK firstly, let me give you an intro on country music power chords. They are basically a group of notes, that when strummed together, give you similar results as traditional chords. Power chords are most often used in rock music. This type of power chord only uses 3 strings. Gives a very “minor-ish” sound. However, in country music, we use 6 String power chords.

The major advantage of a power chord is that you can use the same shape to create any major chord.

How to play a 6-string power chord?Decide what chord you want to play. Let’s say an “A” power chord. This one’s commonly used in country music. So, you go and find A on the 6th string. This is the 5th fret. Now, Barre all the 5th frets, from the 6th string to the 1st string. Next, put your 3rd finger on the 5th string, 2 frets away from you root fret. That means you put your 3rd finger on the 7th fret, 5th string. After that, put your 4th finger directly below your 3rd finger, so that it is on the 7th fret, 4th string. Finally, put your 2nd finger 1 fret away from the root fret on the 3rd string. Thus, your 2nd finger is on the 6th fret, 3rd string. There, you’ve got your basic 6 string power chord shape! Press everything down, and strum. Did you hear a full, chord-like sound? It’s OK if you didn’t. We’ll discuss that in the next session.

Move your whole left hand up one fret. Play it. You just played a B flat power chord! Thus you see, you can just move this chord shape anywhere on the 6th string,, and you can easily play chords.”But I can’t play it!

Most beginners have problems with the index finger barring. Here’s a really helpful tip: Slightly roll back your index finger. It helps in pressing down all the strings. Also, try to push against the guitar with your thumb. Other than that, practice is the way to go. Good luck!