April 13, 2024


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Cheerleaders Costume – Supreme Fitness and Aspirations

Their small uniforms are no deterrents to their spirit of endurance and fun. The temperature at the stands is enough to freeze a glass of water left alone for one hour. Cheerleaders are excellent people who take both heat and cold alike in their stride. Every body wonders whether these ladies feel comfortable but the radiant smile on their faces says it all. They soon start doing their dance combined with gymnastic movements and the crowd of fans goes in to raptures. Unmindful of the biting cold they swirl around the air their supremely fit bodies doing brilliant dance movements all the time.

Cheerleaders perform for the morale boosting of the players. To get rid of the tension from players as well as spectators mind, cheerleaders dance to the tune of music. Cheerleaders are an attraction for getting extra crowds.

Cheerleaders are also invited for church functions and parties and it shows their extensive recognition by society. The point of attraction in cheerleaders is their vivacious, multicolored and fashionable dresses.

It is now clear that these are no nonsense blondes out to steal the show for themselves. Cheerleaders are not a bunch of dumb girls smiling all the time. If you try dancing in this biting cold climate how long can you dance? Even if you do, can you manage that radiant smile all through your performance? Can you continuously cheer the fans by waving to them? For ordinary people these are unachievable feats but this is just a routine for the cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders are supremely trained in fitness and choreography and are trained to withstand heat and cold alike. They are taught how to move on with a fan crowd and how to keep them pleased all the time they are with them. Trainers train the girls for at lest two weeks; they have to run 1 mile in 10 minutes, perform forty sit-ups in sixty seconds and forty pushups in forty seconds. This is done before the start of every season. Only those who are in an extremely fit condition are selected in to the team.

The grueling life of cheerleaders also requires them to travel throughout the year to many venues. Cheerleading has come to be recognized as a special sports now with the punishing practice that these young ladies go through. The coach for the cheerleaders is no ordinary person. He is himself a gifted athlete and carries with him all certificates that a football coach must have with him.

Seeing what direction the crowd is going, the true cheer leader determines his or her course and follows it. They do what they believe is best for everyone involved. Often cheerleaders have to change opinion suddenly when in performance in order to make a true difference.

Cheerleaders boldly own responsibility for the decisions they make, ask for forgiveness for their mistakes, and in the true spirit of sports will share honor with others when something great is achieved.