May 27, 2024


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A Comic Character ‘Savita’, That Has Captured Indian Imagination on the Net

Recently while in an animated discussion with my old colleagues at the United Services club bar, a friend of mine revealed that there was an Indian comic site that was ‘different’. We were all intrigued as about this comic site and questioned him about it. He informed that the site was Savita Bhabhi and was very popular.

The Creation of the Site

The fact is, that there is an Indian comic site titled ‘Savita Bhabhi’. A creation of an Indian origin Puneet Agarwal who resides in the UK, the site has caught the imagination of the Indian public en masse. In fact in just the first few months of its existence, over 60 million visitors flooded the site.

The site is a cartoon strip featuring the sexual adventures of a young Indian ‘Bhabhi’, meaning sister in law. In India, for most men there is a fixation for the Bhabhi, perhaps which is the reason perhaps that Agarwal the creator, chose a Bhabhi theme for his cartoon. On going through the site, a visitor will find it pretty tame in comparison to some of the steamy western cartoons. But despite this the site gained tremendous viewership.

Savita Bhabhi tales

The site features a number of sex-escapades of Savita a smart modern Indian woman. The cartoonist represents Savita as a bored housewife, who indulges in her fantasy in the absence of her husband Ashok Patel while he is busy in his office.

She has amorous encounters which are represented in a series of cartoons. The cartoons build up slowly and cater to the imagination and fantasy of an average Indian, both male and female. The Character is well delineated and the art work pretty good. The themes are those that interest the average Indian, as is evidenced by the deluge of visitors to this site.

In real terms these cartoon tales and escapades of Savita Bhabhi are pretty harmless and certainly not a corrupting influence. But you must be over 21 to access the site.

The Site and its effect

Savita Bhabhi is also available in printed form of comics. It is translated into many Indian languages including Hindi and Tamil and is very popular. But on going through the comics and the site on the net one can’t help feeling that though it is titillating, it can no way compare to hard core Western sites and can be termed amusing. You can even access online videos of this theme.