July 15, 2024


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60s Fancy Dress Costumes – 5 Accessories to Help Make Your Sixties Outfits Look Totally Groovy

60s Fancy Dress Costumes – 5 Accessories to Help Make Your Sixties Outfits Look Totally Groovy

There really are some great 60s fancy dress outfits available nowadays, which are perfect for any retro costume party or even as groovy night club gear. However, although your basic sixties outfit should look good on its own, if you really want to create an authentic looking costume you are going to have to purchase some accessories.

Below are my top accessory tips to turn your basic 60s fancy dress costume into something really believable and, above all, totally groovy.

Accessory Tip 1: Buy a sixties wig

Next to getting the correct sort of footwear, I consider getting the right type of headgear the most important addition to your costume. A sixties wig really will give your outfit that little extra something, you just need to decide which one to go for.

There are a number of great looking sixties wigs to choose from, including 1960s style flick wigs, Cilla wigs, Gamine wigs and, for the really adventurous amongst you, Beehive wigs. Whatever type of wig you decide upon, just make sure it is one that compliments your outfit.

Accessory Tip 2: Get a sixties hat

If you do not fancy getting a wig, then the next best thing is to get a sixties hat. PVC disco hats the same colour as your outfit are always a good idea, or perhaps a Carnaby hat if you are going for the 60’s Mod look. You may also want to consider getting a hat/wig combo, which is a cheaper alternative to paying out on a hat and a wig separately.

Accessory Tip 3: Cover up

The mini-dress plays a big part in the fashion of the sixties and some of you might consider 60s fancy dress costumes to be a little bit too revealing. If you are one of those that would be happier showing just a little bit less flesh, then do not worry there are some great accessories out there to help cover you up, without taking away the sex appeal.

Cute white tanga shorts are great for making sure that your outfit is not too “cheeky”, while white fishnet tights are a sexy way to cover up legs. You may also want to look at getting some long white gloves, which were a popular fashion accessory at the time.

Accessory Tip 4: Make up

It is always a good idea to do a little bit of research and copy the make-up from the time. Most specialist 60’s fancy dress websites will stock the types of lipstick colours worn during the period, as well as supplying large black false eyelashes, which were extremely popular throughout the decade.

Accessory Tip 5: Go-Go Boots

In my opinion, the must-have accessory for any 60s fancy dress costume is a pair of Go-Go boots. These come in a range of bright colours to match your outfit, but personally I would choose a white pair, which will usually go with pretty much any sixties outfit.