September 26, 2023


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5 Reasons to Use a Mechanical Keyboard

5 Reasons to Buy a Mechanical Keyboard!!! - YouTube

Mechanical keyboards are indeed being loved. The proof? Many manufacturers are starting to compete to release their mechanical keyboard products. When we hear about mechanical keyboards, usually what we imagine is the word “expensive”. Yes, mechanical keyboards are quite expensive. The cheapest price on the market for this device is around IDR 700 thousand. For membrane keyboards, generally that amount of funds can be used to bring home a keyboard with abundant features.

Perhaps, seeing the high price, there are still many who ask whether the mechanical keyboard is worth buying or not. For that we will give you some reasons why mechanical keyboards are worth using!

1. Undoubted durability!

Durability or so-called resilience is one of the things highlighted by a mechanical keyboard. Every mechanical keyboard uses metal and plastic mechanical switches. The mechanical keyboard also feels heavier and sturdy, because the switches used are high-quality switches. If cared for properly, a mechanical keyboard will last a very long time. For example, a mechanical keyboard can endure 50 million clicks or more, while a membrane average only 10 million times. There are still many old mechanical keyboards that are approximately 30 years old that can still be used, one example is the IBM Model M with PS/2 connector.

2. Voice Feedback (Clicky)

Mechanical keyboards have enough feedback to make sound. Yes, sounds like that are produced because of how the switches in the mechanical keyboard work. Most mechanical switches on the market have a working mechanism where the switch will accept input from the keycaps that you press even if it is only half-pressed, and after reaching the midpoint of the switch, a “clicky” sound will be heard and that means you have pressed the button. Each switch also has a different feedback sound. This can be taken into consideration when buying, again depending on individual tastes.

3. More Accurate, Convenient, and Reduces RSI Risk

Yes, typing on a mechanical keyboard will indeed provide a more accurate sensation. That’s because each keycap is a few millimeters apart which isn’t usually found on membrane keyboards. Also, each keycap on a mechanical keyboard has a slightly curved shape so that when typing is more comfortable. Not to mention the pressure sensation when pressing the mechanical keyboard feels different, when you press the mechanical key, the keycaps will quickly return to their original place and you can simply press half the distance, which means you don’t have to spend a lot of energy when pressing the keycaps Some people who use mechanical keyboards reveal that the risk of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), a disease that occurs when you type too much, will be much reduced if you use a mechanical keyboard.

4. Easy Maintenance and Customization Options

Easy to maintain? Of course, you can remove all the keycaps on the keyboard, which will make it easier for you to clean the dust that is stuck between the keycaps or on the keyboard body. Not only that, the use of removable keycaps is customization. You can replace your keycaps with more interesting ones. Like changing the color of the keycaps in certain parts or even all the keycaps on the keyboard.

5. Entertainment

Some of the mechanical keyboards on the market have a very attractive LED backlight you can Customized Keycaps also. Not only lit, the LEDs also have their respective types. Like, the keycaps will only light up if you press them, or the LED lights that turn on around the keyboard. Typing with a mechanical keyboard will feel more “FUN” by using this feature. But don’t worry, if you’re one of those people who don’t really like LED backlights, there are also plain mechanical keyboards that don’t have LEDs