May 24, 2024


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5 jobs for an accounting professional

Accounting Skills You Need to Succeed | Robert Half

Taking into account that an accounting professional must have knowledge at the accounting, legal, fiscal and financial levels to provide economic solutions and improve the development of a company, their field of work expands:

  1. Accounting assistant

This job is ideal for professionals who have just graduated. Being an accounting or administrative assistant is an option that cannot be ignored. If you decide to work your way into this position, you will have the responsibility of directly supporting the company’s accountant. If you need advice and tips for your finances or whatever difficulties you are currently facing, you can contact However, while it is one of the first steps to climb in the career, it requires a high degree of concentration and commitment. As an auxiliary, among the functions that will be in your responsibility are:

  • Inventory management
  • View billing topics
  • Help with tax returns

  1. Financial assistant

There are many companies, small businesses or even institutions that require professionals in accounting or business administration to work as a financial assistant. They are in charge of directly supporting the board of directors, business owners, partners, etc., with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčimproving the projection and planning that we have. We mention some of the functions that you will have in the position:

  • You will prepare financial plans
  • You will manage the finances of the company, business or institution
  • You will have the duty to do audits

  1. Accounting manager

Although the name of the position is somewhat predictable, it is not easy to come up with it. It is essential to have knowledge at a professional level in accounting as the position requires a high level of commitment and responsibility. The opportunity to work as an accounting manager is medium term on average. Within the department, the manager will have important responsibilities and obligations to fulfill. He will ensure proper planning, analysis, organization in finances. The sense of ethics as well as responsibility is the key to success in the position. If you plan to become an accounting manager, remember that you need to have knowledge in analysis, administration and document management. The order and success of each operation in the company depends a lot on your role. Some of the functions of an accounting manager are:

  • Ensure the monthly closing of the financial statement
  • Manage relationships with other organizations
  • Take care of accounting procedures

  1. Teacher

The ability to share knowledge and have someone else learn is not that easy. However, if you are determined to enter the field of teaching, you will have facilities to teach topics about finance. When you have control of the accounting profession and you clearly know the functions that the professional performs in the career, you will be able to dedicate yourself to teaching and contribute to improving the future of other people. In the same way that a company requires the services of an accounting professional, young people require a person with the ability to teach well.

  1. Investment advisor

The professional specialized in this field will be in charge of using his knowledge to manage the different investment portfolios. The idea is to be able to generate a better profitability within the market. Stated in another way, through the various strategies adjusted to each client and taking into account risk tolerance, we will seek to achieve a better return on investment. Do not confuse a financial advisor with an investment advisor as they are different positions. For example, the financial advisor will conduct the study and create reports on the economic context of a company. He will explain the planning of other areas and show projections to outline future projections for improvements.

On the other hand, the investment advisor is the one who will study different variables in the markets, looking for an opportunity to invest. He is in charge of shaping strategies, making comparisons with other scenarios and avoiding unnecessary risks. As you can see, studying a career in accounting will give you many job opportunities. However, it is necessary to have the correct knowledge in management, economics, mathematics, business administration and law.

Of course, the benefits in terms of salary are very interesting so if you have in mind to earn a lot of money, this career will suit you. Finally, in Peru there is an excellent economy and a great opportunity to practice as an accounting professional.