May 24, 2024


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5 Helpful Wedding Photography Tips You Can Use Now

How to Pose for Wedding Photos: Tips and Ideas

There are a lot of ideas you can think of when taking wedding photos. You can browse hundreds of photos on Pinterest for ideas and you can apply it to your clients. But there’s still something different with capturing the moment and creating a story out of it. Thomas Baskind is a well-known photographer for creating stories out of images. If you want to learn some tips and tricks for successful wedding photography, we have created 5 tips for you. Read Wedding photographer Cliffs of Moher too.

  1. Scout the Location

Before the big day, you can try scouting the area to look for perfect spots to shoot on. Although not everyone does this, it will help you on the day of the wedding. It will give you a chance to know where to take good shots and good lighting spots. You can visit the location with the couple and take good shots as pre-wedding or engagement photos.

  1. Work with the Wedding Coordinator

Weddings are a busy event. There are tons of family and friends in the venue that it can be quite a stressful day. You don’t know the family dynamics that come into play.

To help you run the list of photos and shots, get help from the wedding coordinator in directing the shoot.

It will help you and the couple take the necessary photos and enjoy the event. You may also run a list with the couple on what kind of shots or photos they would want before the event.

  1. Play with the lighting

Wedding photos inside the church can be a bit tricky because there isn’t enough late inside the place. You can use a flash for this but make sure if the bouncing flash will work. If not, you can buy a flash diffuser.

You can also use a fast lens with a wide aperture to help you with this. Or you may opt to find a lens with image stabilization.

Another trick is to shoot in RAW to allow you to play with the exposure and white balance.

  1. Capture moments

When taking shots during a wedding you can opt to use different angles to get the best shot. You may also walk around and take quick shots of guests as they wipe their tears or smile at the couple. Don’t interfere with the guests and the couple. Let everything flow as naturally as possible. Although you may direct them on what pose or location, it is still best to leave them be and take candid shots.

  1. Learn from each wedding

The best way to improve your photography skills is to learn from each experience. There are tons of lessons you can learn from each wedding since each one is different from the other. Just like the famous photographer Thomas Baskind, he was able to learn through his experiences. Experience is your best teacher.


Wedding photography can be a challenge even if you are a professional. The best way to learn from it is to come prepared, relax, and have fun!